Where Will You Get Your Holiday Kicks in 2015?

It’s a bit early in the year to be declaring a winner, but the current leader of the pack for top American holiday pick for seasoned travellers for 2014 is a Route 66 roadtrip. In this video our very own Theresa Young, American-in-residence at Bon Voyage and Route 66 expert talks about the Route itself, where it goes and what there is to see along the way.

So will you be making 2015 the year of the Great American Route 66 Roadtrip?


9 thoughts on “Where Will You Get Your Holiday Kicks in 2015?”

  1. Awesome video! Really made me want to go and visit all those places! Am planning a road trip for 2013 and this Route just pushed it’s way to the top of my possibilities list!

  2. Myself and hubby did the bus tour of the Golden WQest, but still dream to do this Route 66. We stood at the end of it on Santa Monica beach, but that just made the dream more urgent! Theresa do present this route mmarvellously, just want to go there now!!

  3. Hi we’re all booked up this year but next year be sure we are going to travel the route 66 roadtrip if funds permit
    and by the way Theresa looks great in the video

  4. i’m afraid that I couldn’t finish watching this because of the background talking. Couldn’t it have been recorded after hours? The lady talking sounds very knowledgable so I think it’s a shame and insulting to her.

  5. Excellent presentation and very informative. I shall be doing this trip this year with a group of about thirty other Harley riders. This video has really whetted my appetite for the trip. can’t wait!!

  6. My wife and did it in 2010, end of April into May, we did it west to east and took 3 weeks to drive it and then spent 5 days in Chicago. If you are going to do it don’t rush it, stick to the old route, stop and talk to people-they want to talk, they are so passionate about the route, visit the museums, there is so much to see, plan your route well and do some side trips. If we do it again, it would be east to west and maybe take and extra week for the driving.-go get your kicks!
    from Wales UK

  7. Did I just get my email late – looking at the other comments?
    Only done Flagstaff to Vegas, but definetly want to do more great place to go

    Nice hair

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