A week in the Yukon Wilderness

CAN YT Emerald Lake

Bon Voyage Sales Manager, Nikki Gibbs, has spent 20 years with the company and seen just about every part of North America from Niagara Falls to the Californian winelands and from the rugged Rocky Mountains to the beaches of Miami.  But our intrepid traveller had never veered this far off the beaten track…… 


Day 1 – London Heathrow to Whitehorse

I joined a small (but select!) band of UK tour operators for the Air Canada flight from Heathrow via Vancouver to Whitehorse in the Yukon.  I’m always fascinated by the fact that because you take a ‘shortcut’ over the Pole to Vancouver, Western Canada the flying time from London is the same as Miami and an hour less than, say, Dallas.  The check-in at Terminal Three is quick and easy and thanks to excellent in-flight entertainment the time passes quickly. Continue reading A week in the Yukon Wilderness