About Bon Voyage

At Bon Voyage we are passionate about holidays to America and Canada. Our dedicated team in Southampton has been providing tailor-made USA and Canada holidays since 1979, and our 30 years’ experience and impeccable reputation for customer service mean our customers’ holiday plans are in safe hands. Because every customer is unique we believe that their holidays must be unique too.Lara of Bon Voyage

Most of our information is to be found on our Bon Voyage website; you will find not only general information about destinations together with images, maps and some video content, but also comprehensive suggested itineraries with routings and things to see and do. Quite honestly, however, hardly anyone books an itinerary straight from the website – and that’s just the way we like it! Typically we get a phone call or an email from a customer saying “We love the look of such-and-such itinerary, BUT could we do an extra night here and maybe two more night there at the end?”. The answer from us is always YES, because our business is built on the philosophy that every customer is individual and that every holiday can be tailor-made to your exact requirements. After all, my perfect holiday is unlikely to be your perfect holiday, right?

We hope to share interesting, amusing and sometimes thought-provoking topics on this blog and invite and welcome comment.

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Thoughts, experiences and opinions on travel to North America from the UK's leading USA tailor-made holiday experts.

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