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Three Nights in Memphis – immersing myself in all things Elvis

Growing up, music filled our home, particularly the Beatles and the King – Elvis Presley. With the imminent release of the King of Rock n Roll’s biopic, I got thinking back to the time I spent three nights in Memphis on Bon Voyage’s Heritage to Honky Tonk itinerary where I immersed myself in all things Elvis.

One of the many things I loved about this itinerary was the fact that with travel by rail, private car, and Mississippi steamer all you have to do is take in the view so when we arrived in Memphis from Nashville via our private sedan transfer, we arrived raring to get stuck and experience Memphis through the eyes of Elvis.

Arcade Restaurant

After a swift check-in to our hotel – the historic Peabody we set off to find some food. Where else should we go but the Arcade Restaurant which is not only the oldest diner in Memphis but a firm favourite of Elvis and only a short walk from the hotel. I wasn’t brave enough to try The King’s favourite a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich but instead, I had a Rainmaker Sandwich with an amazing Shake it like the King, spiked shakes. Well worth a visit not only because of the connection to Elvis but because it’s been featured in a whole host of Hollywood movies like The Rainmaker (and every other Grisham), Great Balls of Fire, Walk the Line and one of my favourites – Elizabethtown.

Sun Studios Tour

We decided to walk to the Sun Studios for the 5:30 pm tour along Beale Street so we could view the famous Elvis statue. For those of you who don’t know Sun Studio is the birthplace of Rock N’ Roll and discovered BB King to Elvis to Johnny Cash to Jerry Lee Lewis, there are music legends everywhere you look. I got goose pimples standing in the very same spot where Elvis first recorded, and it was like being a child again with all the memorabilia from all the artists my parents had in our front room. The tours leave on the hour and last 45 minutes and are so worth it. If you’ve got the voice, you can book a recording session, I didn’t disgrace the fabled Sun Studios with my singing voice!

We had a few hours of R&R at the hotel before heading out for some BBQ food and then experiencing the famous Peabody Rooftop Parties – the food and entertainment in Memphis will be blogs in themselves so no need to venture off our Elvis path.

Historic Peabody Hotel

We rose on day two with sore heads and missed breakfast as we were checking out we were surprised by a Peabody tradition – the ‘Peabody Duck March’ where the famous ducks come out of the lift and walk down the red carpet to the fountain for a nice swim! It was almost surreal seeing it but we were so glad we did – they do this daily at 11am and 5pm, don’t be like us and nearly miss it!

We headed over to the Beauty Shop Restaurant for brunch. This hip and trendy restaurant is styled on a 50’s beauty salon and what links this to Elvis you may ask – it was formerly Priscilla Presley’s go-to for her curl and dye. A few excellent Bad Boy Bloody Mary’s with some Eggs Benedict gave us the fuel for our next stop, the Holy Grain for all of us Elvis buffs – GRACELAND!

The Guest House at Graceland

Whilst we would have stayed at the Peabody for longer, we wanted to get the full Graceland experience, so it made sense to stay at The Guest House at Graceland, which is located just a few steps away from the Graceland mansion. This AAA Four Diamond Resort (in British, this is a four-star hotel!) was influenced by Elvis himself when archivists unearthed an architectural design done for Elvis while he was alive that included a recording studio and “a place where he wanted his friends to stay.” He called it the guest house. Opened in 2016, the $92m hotel has all of Elvis’ signature swagger with Priscilla herself overseeing all the design aspects (it’s said that Priscilla and Lisa Marie are regular visitors to the guesthouse, but we didn’t see them, unfortunately).

We didn’t stay in either of the two King Suites which are modelled on Elvis’ Las Vegas hotel room and the other the master bedroom at Graceland. We had a ground-floor room which really felt like we were staying in Graceland with the King himself. Check-in was a breeze as a Bon Voyage client, they really love us here and go out of their way to make us feel extra special.

What I really loved about staying here was all the subtle ways in which the Guesthouse pays homage to Elvis, it really isn’t big, bold and brash as you’d expect from somewhere like Las Vegas. For example, the staircase is breathtaking but it’s only until you visit Graceland that you see it was modelled on the entrance then the light fitting just looks like well a light fitting but when you do a closer inspection you see they are arranged around E’s and P’s, lobby chairs with pointed backs to resemble Elvis’ upturned collar, subtle but it works. Forgot to mention, that every evening there are complimentary peanut butter and banana sandwiches.


Graceland is the most famous rock n’ roll residence in the world? It certainly is for me, and I can’t think of another of its stature. I was expecting it to be huge but it is a lot smaller than say celebrities’ houses of the present day but that doesn’t take anything away from how beautiful it is and the feeling you get walking up the drive and through the front door. The tour is conducted through an audio guide (narrated by Lisa-Marie) on a tablet however since I have wanted to visit Graceland for like forever, I splurged on Ultimate VIP Tour tickets.  This got me a tour of Graceland with an expert guide (group of no more than 10 people), a self-guided tour of Elvis’ Custom Jets, entry into the Elvis Presley’s Memphis complex as well as a host of VIP add-ons like meal vouchers, VIP merchandise, photo opportunities etc, I thought it was good value at $196.

I was really overwhelmed walking through Graceland, no two rooms truly are the same and as it is largely untouched, I kept looking out for the King to walk down the stairs – you really do feel like a guest when you visit. One thing for sure is that Elvis truly had a unique style when it came to interior design.

The living room is magnificent, I loved the huge white sofa and the glass windows with bright peacocks painted on them. You’ll notice that there are TVs everywhere, Elvis loved his telly and he made sure that he could see a TV no matter where he was sitting in Graceland.

Throughout the tour you keep passing the staircase to the second floor, we’re not allowed up there because that was exactly how Elvis had it when he was alive, guests had the run of Graceland, but they were not permitted on the second floor.

You see his parents and then his Grandmother Minnie’s bedroom with its purple colouring and poodle wallpaper which was designed by Minnie herself.

The next stop was the dining room, where you can see Elvis’ favourite seat, chosen so he had the best view of the TV. Lisa-Marie says they still eat at the table when she stays at Graceland. The table is laid with the crockery from Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding.

The tour then took us into the kitchen, which Lisa-Marie says was the busiest room in the house, it was amazing to see all the vintage appliances.

We went downstairs down a mirrored stairway into his recreation room, with the TCB lightning bolt on the wall and the monkey ashtray.  He had three TVs here because someone told him the President of the USA had three TVs! Lots of animal horns adorn his bar (and all over Graceland), I really wanted to have a game of pool on his table. What is great about this area is how everything is close together yet so differently designed.

Now onto my favourite room of Graceland – the jungle room, which we got to up a staircase that has been green carpet on the floor, walls and ceiling. Bizarre indeed. His jungle room was apparently Elvis’s favourite room in the house, with all the wood, carved animals, and ashtrays. He loved to entertain in this room, and it is said because the autistics are so good, he recorded here, hence the carpet on the ceilings.

We walked through the carport and around the back of Graceland into his father Vernon’s office. This was the hub of Elvis enterprises, and it is pretty cool to see. The next stop was the trophy room which had all kinds of interesting stuff like his birth certificate, the family bible, pay slips, and unique finds like school reports, and his box of crayons from school. The room has their wedding outfits, Lisa-Marie’s crib, and several items taken from upstairs in Graceland. I did tear up a scarf that Elvis gave to Lisa which he wrote a few heartfelt words on, it really showed how much he loved his ‘Yisa’.  Elvis loved to shoot, and we get to see his gun collection.

We left the trophy room and passed the pool which is tiny into Elvis’s sports complex which is really a huge racquetball court, bar and pinball machines. I saw a water fountain that still worked, so took a sneaky drink, who else can say they had a drink from Elvis’s water fountain.

The end of the tour is the Mediation Garden but more on this tomorrow.

I think we spent around an hour and a half on the tour and maybe more if we had stayed for longer in the Mediation Garden. We walked out to the gates, where we wrote on the wall with seemingly everyone else who has been to Graceland.

Elvis Presley’s Memphis Complex

Our next stop was across Elvis Presley Boulevard to the Elvis Presley’s Memphis, which opened in 2017 costing a whopping $45m I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. A visit to the Elvis: The Entertainer Museum inside is worth the admission alone, there are hundreds upon hundreds of artefacts from the Graceland archives detailing Elvis’s life from his early days, first recordings into his live performances and films. The Presley Motors automobile museum has over 20 cars and motorcycles that Elvis had owned including a Pink Cadillac, a 1975 Dino Ferrari and a cinema showing his films.

We were famished at this point so took a stop at the Glady’s Diner, named after his mother, we could have dined at Vernon’s smokehouse but since we were having BBQ food that evening, we decided to eat here.

We took in the many exhibits that change throughout the year, I really enjoyed the King of Karate and Elvis in the army exhibits.

The last stop on our tour was a self-guided tour of Elvis’ Custom Jets, there is the Lisa Marie and a small Lockheed Jet Star, it was amazing to see them both especially given that Elvis spent $800,000 renovating the Lisa Marie and adding a living room, conference room and private bedrooms.

I think including a bite to eat we spent nearly three hours in the complex so all in all maybe five hours at Graceland, I was knackered at the end, to say the least!

I had intended to visit Beale Street again but instead chose to have a nap and some food at The Guest House and then was pleasantly surprised to find live music on at the Graceland Soundstage, so I whiled away the evening with some good food, good music and a few good cocktails before having an early night.

Meditation Garden

The reason for the early night was because each morning between 7:30-8:30 am the gates to Elvis’ Meditation Garden are opened early and I wanted to pay my respects to Elvis and his family before the hustle and bustle of the day starts.

The garden is in a beautiful peaceful setting, with flowers and a central fountain. Elvis is buried here with his mother, father, grandmother and stillborn twin brother.

There were only around 15 of us there and we were all in deep, reflective moods, paying our respects to the King, a person who had touched so many for so long.

It was back to The Guesthouse for breakfast ready to start my third and final day in Memphis.

Tigerman Karate Dojo and Museum

I really wanted to visit Beale Street on my final night, especially B.B. King’s Blues Club so decided my final day was going to be at a more leisurely pace and where possible I was going to walk around Memphis to see the sights.

A short 25-minute stroll gets you to Tigerman Karate Dojo and Museum to see where Elvis first practised karate. The building has been restored to the original appearance of the early 1970’s so it really is like walking in just like Elvis. The museum celebrates all things karate and Elvis with one-of-a-kind pieces of memorabilia that you won’t see anywhere else. 

For those of you that practise karate, this is a working dojo, and you can pre-book classes so you can say you’ve trained where Elvis has!

Stax – Museum of American Soul

I had intended to walk everywhere but checking google maps I saw it was a near five-mile walk to Stax – Museum of American Soul so I cheated and took an uber!

The museum is on the site of the original Stax Records recording studios where Elvis recorded some of his best work in 1973. The museum pays homage to Elvis but more importantly to all the great soul singers that have passed through its doors such as Isaac Hayes, Otis ReddingBooker T. & the MGs, Marvin Gaye and many others.

Normally museums are quiet places but not here with lots of music blasting out and dancing down the exhibits is actively encouraged! Well worth a visit.

Coletta’s Italian Restaurant

I was getting hungry and saw that Coletta’s Italian Restaurant was around the corner. This time capsule/restaurant claims to have created barbecue pizza, a favourite of Elvis’.  I dined in the Elvis Room among pictures and memorabilia commemorating the times when Elvis and his entourage would take over a private dining room at the restaurant. I left suitably stuffed.

Memphis Music Hall of Fame

I cheated and got an uber to Beale Street so I could tick off the next two stops in my Elvis trail. I didn’t know until I arrived that Elvis has been inducted into five halls of fame with the Memphis music hall of fame being the fifth.

The MMHoF has been inducting members since 2012 with the museum opening in 2015. Elvis was one of the first inductees. The museum itself is quite small but what they lack in space they more than make up for with inventive ways to display their exhibits such as suspended guitars and a grand piano repurposed as a light fitting.

The museum has exhibits and memorabilia from all Memphis’ famous singers, from Elvis’ jumpsuits to Johnny Cash’s famous black suit and handwritten lyrics from Al Green, there is something for everyone here and it’s great for discovering bands you’ve forgotten and links between famous artists.

A liked the conciseness of the museum and the fact I was in and out within an hour.

Lansky Brothers Clothes Shop

Since I was already on Beale Street and knowing I needed to buy some gifts I popped along to the Lansky Brothers Clothes Shop where the King himself used to purchase his clothes. I spent way too much time and money in the store and came away with more for myself than others, but it was so worth it to get some retro 50’s shirts and Elvis-inspired wear like a beautiful belt.

Since the shop is located inside the Hard Rock Café I partook in some ice-cold beers and some hot wings whilst listening to some live music.

On to New Orleans

After a hard day wandering the streets of Memphis I went back to the Guesthouse for a nap before heading back to Beale Street for some authentic BBQ food then onto B.B. Kings Blues Club to dance the night away.

Tomorrow, I check out and head to New Orleans but since I’m catching the train I can overindulge.

I hope you liked my blog about my Elvis-inspired journey to Memphis. At Bon Voyage we make your holiday truly bespoke and tailor your trip to suit your tastes and budget. Talk to one of our Memphis and Deep South experts to book YOUR next trip – dream 0800 316 3012 or email

Since you’ve made it this far, you deserve a treat, we have a special digital guide to the Deep South, want a copy? Just click here to request one.



Deep South Solo – a hosted Bon Voyage holiday for single travellers

Travelling solo is a growing trend but it doesn’t have to mean travelling alone.  For those with a sense of their own adventure, Bon Voyage’s resident American, Theresa Wilson hosted a special one-off 11-night trip to America’s Deep South.

“We took in the magical cities of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans,” said Theresa. “Flights, transfers, excursions and entrances were included and of course, individual King-bedded rooms in great hotels with no single supplements.” 

Theresa was the hostess with the  mostest and was on hand to help the holiday run smoothly, she makes it clear that the trip was not run like a coach tour.  “The itinerary included plenty of time for personal discoveries as well as excursions and activities that could be enjoyed with the rest of the group.”

The holiday began in Nashville with a meet and greet at the airport, followed by a three-night stay in the city centre with plenty of planned explorations.  A Nashville Music Pass provides access to attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Johnny Cash Museum while a performance at the ‘home of country music’, the Grand Ole Opry, was also included.

The journey continued by road to Tupelo, Mississippi for a visit to the birthplace of Elvis Presley and then on to Memphis, home of his Graceland mansion.  The group overnighted at the Guesthouse at Graceland with VIP admission to the house.

After Memphis, it’s was all aboard the ‘City of New Orleans’ train down to New Orleans and accommodation in the heart of the French Quarter with a guided city tour and final evening dinner among the highlights.

Guest House Graceland Lobby © EPE. Graceland and its marks are trademarks of EPE. All Rights Reserved
Guest House Graceland Lobby © EPE. Graceland and its marks are trademarks of EPE. All Rights Reserved

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Charleston, South Carolina – ‘America’s Best Small City’*

Read Bill Bryson’s classic travelogue ‘The Lost Continent’ (Secker and Warburg) and you will find he can be both hilarious and rude about certain places in America.  He pours affectionate scorn on his home
town of Des Moines, Iowa and is none too complimentary about Carbondale, Illinois.  But when his road trip brings him to Charleston, he waxes lyrical: “I had thought that Savannah was the most becoming American city I had ever seen, but it thumped into second place soon after my arrival in Charleston.”  Bill loved the harbour, the promontory packed solid with beautiful old homes and the peaceful streets.  “I was enchanted,” he concludes.

And Mr Bryson is not alone in his admiration.  Centuries earlier the Marquis de Lafayette, the French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War, gave his verdict: “Charleston is perhaps the best built, handsomest, and most agreeable city that I have seen.”

Charleston carriage tour Courtesy of the Charleston Area CVB,

With its beautiful gardens, vibrantly painted Georgian houses along Rainbow Row, and carriages clacking across cobblestone streets, Charleston has long been considered one of America’s most charming cities. But, underneath its sleepy veneer, the city is known for its eclectic food offerings, a thriving theatre and cultural scene, bustling King Street, and historic City Market. An evening stroll along The Battery is the perfect way to end the day.

A guided walking tour is an ideal introduction.  You’ll learn about the city’s colonial past and how the first decisive victory of the Revolutionary War was fought in Charleston’s harbour. During the golden age of cotton, Charleston became the wealthiest city in the country but the shadow cast by imported slave labour is also an important part of the story.  

Pier 101 at nearby Folly Beach

Spring and autumn are ideal times to visit and Bon Voyage can tailor a fly/drive holiday to include Charleston and the Carolinas or south to include Bill Bryson’s second favourite city, Savannah in Georgia.
There are also a range of escorted tours that take in Charleston and you’ll find ideas and inspiration at
our website. 

The latest addition to our offerings is ‘Flavours of South Carolina’, a fly and self-drive journey with comfortable daily mileages so you can savour the feel and the food of the Palmetto state.  You’ll stay in inns, b&bs and resort hotels along the way and there are three days to explore Charleston. 

See the full itinerary here

*Voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveller magazine

9 Tips for Planning a Family Holiday to the USA

  1.  Don’t panic!

If taking children to a different country sends shivers down your spine, just relax. The less you panic and the more organised you get, the easier things will be. The great thing about a family holiday to America is that the country as a whole is well equipped to welcome families. From family hotel rooms to a range of foods to suit every picky palate, you can be sure you’ll find everything you need when you arrive.

If it’s the flight plaguing you, just remember that the memories of the holiday itself will last much longer than the memories of the stressful journey. And there’s plenty you can do to make this journey as smooth running as possible, including choosing flight times that fit closely with your children’s current routines. Kids that sleep well on transport will be better suited to a night flight, but you may want to pick a day flight time to minimise disruptions to sleep patterns, using activities to keep them entertained.

Remember that the more you travel with children, the more used to the whole experience they will be. For children that travel from a young age, plane journey is nothing out of the ordinary.


  1. Plan, plan, plan.

You may reminisce about the days when you were carefree, able to plan a last minute trip abroad and not worry about flight times, what you’ll eat or even where you’ll stay when you get there.

Family life can be quite far removed from the life you had before, with children requiring routines and constant entertainment, and don’t get us started on how much luggage a child can require for a week away!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best family holiday ever. You just have to be more organised in order to make it run smoothly. Use all the tools at your disposal including the productivity apps on your phone and online sample itineraries. Reaching out to friends and family for advice is always a good idea too.



  1. Create an itinerary specifically for your family.

When you think of family friendly holidays to America, Orlando is typically the first place that springs to mind. And whilst the roller coasters, resorts and amusements are great fun, the USA has so much more to offer.Bon Voyage Road Book page

If you’ve got your heart set on the fun and thrills of the theme parks, why not make your trip a multi-centre holiday and stop somewhere else on the way? Or explore more of Florida whilst you’re there; take a scenic road trip, jump on the train or fly down further South to West Palm beach, Miami or the Florida Keys.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, relaxing or educational? At Bon Voyage we regularly arrange family trips all over the USA and Canada, with popular destinations including New York, Hawaii, The Deep South and California. It really depends on your family’s taste and appetite for adventure.


  1. Get the kids involved from the beginning.

It’s nice to plan a surprise holiday for the kids, but creating a memorable trip that’s enjoyable for everyone can start months or years before it actually begins. Get the children to research your destination and activities using guide books and the internet. Sit down with them and plan your journey on a world map so they can get a feel for how far away you’ll be venturing.

Why not check what they’re learning about at school or preschool and see if any elements can be incorporated into the trip? Seeing different cultures and real world experiences can provide a fantastic education (without any risk of being ‘boring’).

Family in convertible car smiling


  1. Make lists.

Lists are your best friend when organising a family holiday. Create a list for each thing you need to remember; items to pack, flight and transfer times, hotels, activity ideas to keep the kids occupied on the flight, snacks to pick up beforehand, the itinerary for when you arrive…

If you can prepare all this before hand you’ll have an instant reference point for any panics whilst you’re away.


  1. Book, book, book.

Book flights, accommodation and the fundamental aspects of your trip as soon as possible. If you’re travelling during peak times (like school holidays), things will get booked up in advance. At Bon Voyage we can help you combine bookings to get the best rates and deals, for example multi-attraction theme park tickets that will save you hundreds of dollars, or the best-value family holiday accommodation where kids eat free!

Once your flights are booked, select your seats as soon as possible. Use SeatGuru to find the best seats on the plane, and try and get the front of a block of seats to allow for extra room to move around (this is also typically where the baby cribs are located)

BV Jade (3)


  1. Check before you travel.

Being prepared for every circumstance is key. When you arrive in the USA there’s not much you won’t be able to get hold of if you need it, but you’ll need to be prepared for the journey there.

Take more than enough nappies in your hand luggage in case of delays, and whilst you can get them when you’re out there, they’re also a great space saver in your hold luggage as you can refill your suitcase with new purchases for the way home.

Despite liquid restrictions at security, you can take baby food or baby milk through, as well as liquids essential for medical purposes.

When it comes to bag sizes for hand luggage, this will vary across different airlines, so check with your Bon Voyage travel consultant or airline before you travel.

You should also double check all flight times and airport transfers, plus documentation and passports before you go. Can you imagine getting to the airport to find you’ve left your passports in that really safe place at home?


rolling clothes

  1. Pack goodie bags.

These are key to keeping children occupied at any age on a flight (even teenagers!). Use tote bags (which fit inside another hand luggage bag and are always handy to have around) or carrier bags (also handy) and fill them with each child’s favourite things, plus; magazines, books, sticker books, colouring books, playing cards, snacks, a travel diary and headphones.

You might also want to include something to eat or drink during takeoff and landing as this will help with the ear popping, plus a tablet, iPad or iPod filled with their favourite TV programmes or films and apps if you have one. Whilst the inflight entertainment is good, it’s not the same as having the pick of your favourites.

goodie bag


  1. Enjoy your trip

If the planning, booking and flying all seems a little overwhelming, don’t fear. As long as you’re organised you’ll have a fairly long period of time in between each process. This gives you plenty of time to get excited for the trip, but also lots of time to get organised.

iStock_000006669942family on beach twilight


If you’d rather leave the planning to the experts (or simply get a little guidance), Bon Voyage are here to help. Find out more about family holidays in the USA and Canada or get in touch with our USA travel consultants today.


Hawaiian Hula – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know.

Ever seen Hula dancers and wondered about what all of the gestures and movement signify? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know from our friends at Fairmont Hotels, owners of some of our favourite hotels in the Hawaiian Islands! Click for more info on your perfect, tailor-made, Hawaii holiday

Christmas & New Year Cruising on a Paddle Wheeler.

Step aboard the most opulent steam powered ship ever built, The American Queen steamboat and enjoy a unique luxury river cruise when you journey along the mighty rivers that serve as America’s natural highways. Along the way you’ll discover a side to America that few see, exploring the history, heritage and culture of charming riverside cities.

Make the American Queen your home for the festive season as you explore the quaint southern towns, perched along the mighty Mississippi. Experience a true southern Christmas with carol concerts, Christmas markets and visits to magnificent plantation homes adorned with delightfully over-the-top decorations!

Or, start the New Year off with a bang as you enjoy a glittering gala in the elegant Grand Saloon on the American Queen. Be one of the select few who can claim to have celebrated New Year’s Eve aboard the world’s grandest and most majestic riverboat.

Our nine-day Christmas & New Year American Queen steamboat holidays showcase the diversity and drama of the Lower Mississippi. From the legendary jazz of New Orleans to the battlefields of Vicksburg, immerse yourself in the USA’s southern culture. Discover the romance and antebellum charms of famous plantations like Oak Alley or Nottoway. You’ll adore St. Francisville which boasts more than 140 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and you’ll be amazed by the city’s colorful history and larger-than-life political figures.

For further details on American Queen holidays, contact the USA experts at Bon Voyage on 0800 980 7091

Jazz in Heaven – New Orleans Jazz with Bon Voyage

Jazz in Heaven – New Orleans Jazz with Bon Voyage.

The things that make life worth living – eating, drinking and the making of merriment – are the air that New Orleans breathes.

There aren’t many places in the USA that wear their history as openly on their sleeves as New Orleans. Dive into its fascinating history dating back to 1718 and discover stories of pirates, prostitutes and parades.

Stroll the lively cobbled streets and you’ll hear music played from every bar, in every corner, every night. And, we’re not exaggerating when we say there is either a festival or a parade every week of the year in New Orleans.


Now, when it comes to food, New Orleans doesn’t mess around. Dine on mouth-watering cuisine simply everywhere you go. With an endless of choice of restaurants, it’s no wonder the city boasts award after award for its cuisine. Be ready to gain a few pounds.

When you’ve explored every delicious nook and cranny of ‘The Big Easy’, step back in time and take tour out to one of the magnificent plantation homes that line the ‘Great River Road’. Jump on a Cajun swamp tour or take a leisurely paddle steamer cruise along the mighty Mississippi.

Tempted? Come visit this unique part of the USA and immerse yourself in an intoxicating city that will leave you gasping for more. Trust us.

For holidays to New Orleans and The Deep South contact the USA experts at Bon Voyage.